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Pixels From Remote Past

A place full of traces with Pulewka
Founder of Pharmacology in Turkey

Isolated Organ Experiments with the rat uterus

Grass Poligrafının başında
Sorry for this! it was part of my thesis, extracting the organ

Grass Poligrafının başında
Adding calcium into a mounted organ in a Palmer Isolated Organ Bath
Grass Poligrafının başında
Finally I am recording uterine muscle contractions in a Grass Polygraph

It was part of my thesis and I was doing an experiment on an isolated organ, rat uterus. Depolarizing the tissue with potassium sulfate in a calcium-free medium, a flaccid organ was being obtained, not to contract anymore, even with the addition of acethylcholine had no effect. It was a labourious process. I had to dissect rat uterus, depolarize it with potassium sulfate and wait until it become totally relaxed. In this stage, only the addition of calcium was able to induce tonic contractions. Concentration of calcium needed to induce contractions was in the millimolar range.

Wedding ceremony - All of us were there!

Wedding Seromony

The Great Staff! For the memory of now deceased friend,
Olcay Seles

While we were young
Pharmacology Staff in 1981
While we were young
Under the tree
While we were young
Lunch break ends..

While we were young
Pose in front of a green car

Prof. Paul Pulewka's Pictures

Founder of Pharmacology in Turkey, Prof. P. Pulewka
Founder of Pharmacology in Turkey
Prof. Paul Pulewka
Prof. P. Pulewka receives flowers
Founder of Pharmacology in Turkey
Prof. Paul Pulewka
During 80's - Career years at Refik Saydam
History of our Department
Division of Pharmacodynamics at Refik Saydam Central Institute of Hygiene was founded by Ord. Prof. Dr. Paul Pulewka (Namal & Reisman, 2006). He was also the foundation stone in the establishment of pharmacology and pharmacological controls in Turkey. He began his education in Medicine in Munich and graduated from Konigsberg (Kaliningrad) Prussia, Medical Faculty, in 1923.


He went on to receive doctorates in both pharmacology and toxicology from the Pharmacology Institute of the same university. He was forced to leave Germany also because his wife was Jewish. Pulewka’s found their way by train to Turkey in October of 1935. While in Turkey, Paul Pulewka founded the pharmacology departments at the Refik Saydam Public Health Institute in Ankara and the Medical Faculty of Ankara University. The pictures on the left are the mirror images of my career at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology where Pulewka was rescued himself into it and spent all his time to establish the department there. He would be working there until 1949. 30 years later in 1980 we will be breathing the atmosphere where you could witness the signature of this great Scientist everywhere. In the old days smoked papers were being prepared and were being mounted on trommels for the recordings of the isolated organ. I am so proud served there as the Chief of the Pharmacology Department and exercised all my effort to improve one step more the academic achievements and the control function of the Ministry of Health there.
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