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A River Paradise!
My Agva Photographs

Boat trip on the Göksu River

Ağva is close to Istanbul and arrived there along the forest route. It is deep in nature and situated between the Yesilcay and Goksu rivers that flow into the Black Sea. I took most of the river pictures in a boat cruising up and down on the Goksu River.

A day on the river

Goksu River1
A riverside house on the banks of Göksu River

Goksu River2
Göksu flowing slowly towards Black Sea - Taken late in the afternoon
Goksu River3
River banks in the afternoon

Ağva Beach

Agva beach1
Göksu flowing to the Black Sea
Agva Beach2
Sandspit and the Agva Beach
Agva Beach3
Camping on the riverside

Ağva Beach was formed by coastal and river currents on the river mouth. Sandspit structure was said to be developed through these waves seen on the right tip of the beach. That sandspit closes the river mouth and prevent discharge of the river to the sea during summer. The reason for this is the lowering of wave intensity and transition from storm profile to the normal shore profile at summers (Coşkun C.)

Different civilizations Hittits, Phyrigians and finally the Turks settled here during the ages. Bosphorus Its history goes back to 700 B.C. In Latin the name depicts the village between two rivers.
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